Fabienne Lévy

Alina Frieske

Can you see me better now?

Open until 29.05.2021

Aurélien Martin

The North Face

Open until 29.05.2021

About Can you see me better now? exhibition

Fabienne Levy is pleased to announce Alina Frieske first solo show in Lausanne. Alina’s work can be seen as a new form of observation, where the artist takes images from the web to then reconstruct them in a totally new story. The artist manipulates the images the same way others manipulate the information.


About The North Face exhibition

Fabienne Levy is pleased to announce Aurélien Martin's first solo exhibition in Lausanne. The North Face, title of the show, exposes the hidden and imaginary side of objects that will slowly reveal themselves to visitors. Aurélien Martin's works are inspired by the frenetic consumption of our time. Following the trends, the objects we use every day quickly become obsolete and are rapidly replaced by new ones.


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