Fabienne Lévy

M'Barek Bouhchichi

Corps D'Argile



21 x 8 x 14 cm (each)

Unique, 2 pieces

RESERVED, 4’000 CHF excl. taxes
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« Corps D'Argile” (2021), presented in 4 groups of various shades, are metaphors of the environmental violence which occurs from excessive human interaction with nature. Here, the choppers are engaged in an inverted game where our relationship to earth is turned around. Each terracotta object is a representation of humanity and comes in different colours as a nod to people’s diverse nuances. They share the same dimensions and sizes to emphasize our collective experience with the earth. Bouhchichi chose a particularly fragile medium, terracotta, in order to highlight the current vulnerable state of the earth. By swapping roles through the graphic image of meat grinders, Bouhchichi seeks to awaken his audience to the increasing damage humanity is inflicting on the land we collectively share.

Fabienne Lévy
Fabienne Levy
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