Fabienne Lévy

Amina Benbouchta

Eternel retour du désir amoureux


Installation Wood, neon lights, various objects, sound

Dimensions variables

28’000 CHF excl. taxes
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Amina's neon lights in ‘Éternel retour du désir amoureux’’ are like a drawing suspended above a child's bed that materializes in light archetypes of our modern world. Vivid red heels, symbols of the ultra-feminine woman, crinolines that look like iron cages and symbolize a form of imprisonment, but also a symbolic cloud of elevation, echoing the art of sublimation. The installation, through a set of domestic objects, reveals the objectification of women in marriage, but also the child's dreamy outlook on the world.

Fabienne Lévy
Fabienne Levy
Avenue Louis-Ruchonnet 6
1003 Lausanne
Tel. 43 21 711 43 20

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