Fabienne Lévy

Amina Benbouchta



Pencil and felt pen on paper

76 x 57 cm

2’800 CHF excl. taxes
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Amina Benbouchta's work takes many forms and does not limit itself to one medium. Her pictorial language draws its subject matter from domestic life and explores the social dynamics around family, home, and childhood. The artist aims to convey a sense of simplicity by staging evocative and repetitive objects reminiscing the confines of domestic life. “Crinolines” illustrates repetitive cages and embody the rigid frames traditionally worn under women's skirts in the 19th century. Benbouchta’s work is a symbol of the mental and physical confinement of women and is inspired by the everyday domestic universe. This space of life where the greatest loves are born but can also hide numerous forms of violence. Amina Benbouchta recreates the sensation of a time that stops in an empty dimension, blurring the lines between the material and the immaterial, reality and illusion.

Fabienne Lévy
Fabienne Levy
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